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Shipping Myths & Ways to Save

Breaking the shipping myths:

Myth #1: USPS is the cheapest way to ship
The Postal Service is very inexpensive when it comes to mail and small parcels, especially when delivered to home addresses, however, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground services are very competitive with package shipments. Not to mention, they offer superior trackability, giving you confidence in your shipment.

Myth #2: It costs less to ship two small packages versus one larger one.
This is only true if the larger package has dimensions that put it into an oversize catergory. The first pound is always the most expensive.

Myth #3: If it's light, it will be cheap to ship.
Weight is important; however, a light but large package can be very expensive due to the "oversize package" charges.

Myth #4: Independent Mail and Parcel Centers can't compete with large chain stores.
This is absolutely false. Authorized Shipping Outlets have great flexibility in their pricing. They get wholesale rates from the carriers and can set their retail rates to any level they need to be competitive. Additionally, an independent can offer multiple shipping options to more effectively meet their customer's needs.

Myth #5: Package Insurance is a rip off.
If you are shipping something of value, insurance is a smart option. FedEx and UPS offer the first $100 of value for free. The USPS charges from dollar one for your declared value.

Myth #6: It's ok to ship alchohol (this includes wine!) and tobacco.
All alchohol and tobacco products must be shipped from and through a licensed dealer. It is illegal for consumers to ship these products.

Myth #7: It's not possible to recieve a discount on shipments
Actually, independent mail and parcel centers have the flexibilty to offer specials or coupons as they see fit. Scroll back up for valuable holiday coupons for The Mail Room!

Ways to save BIG when shipping

Savings Tip #1: Keep the overall outside dimensions of your package under 5184 cubic inches (LxWxH), round up to the next inch to account for bulging. For example: Shipping a bed comforter. Many are very large, but fairly light. Using the correct size box so as to avoid "oversize package" charges can save as much as 50% on the cost of shipping.

Savings Tip #2: Have a professional pack your shipments; they have all the materials needed to safely pad your gifts so that they arive on time and unscathed.

Savings Tip #3: Take your packages to a place that has all available shipping options and services for you, Fedex, UPS, and USPS. This way, you can select the best option to meet your needs.

Savings Tip #4: Ship early to avoid the extra cost of air shipments. Ground services get backlogged during the holidays. Give yourself several extra days or weeks to ensure that your package arrives in time for holiday enjoyment.

Savings Tip #5: Ship your packages to a business address (not an "in-home business"). FedEx and UPS both offer additional savings to business addresses; this can be as much as 30%.

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